Dorra Dhahri, the artist with fine fingers

Born into a Tunisian family with artistic affinities, Dorra Dhahri was immersed from childhood in the world of creation and fashion. Today she is a stylist and designer of tailored dresses with the values ​​of beauty, elegance and femininity.

Graduated from ESMOD - Tunis and rewarded by obtaining the "Aiguille d'Or" prize from the school.

Already 20 years of existence

Maison Dorra Dhahri was founded in 2000, and has been a major fashion player in Tunisia ever since.

Today, the House combines tradition and innovation, an essential pair for creative fashion that interprets the essence of beauty.

The House now has its own identity and lines, perfectly identified and in tune with the times. Facing the big houses, Dorra Dhahri now occupies a very promising position. The House designs and markets a wide range of made-to-measure dresses with the values of beauty, elegance and femininity.